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In 2015 the IPCRG initiated and led the development of a proposal for Horizon 2020 funding from the European Commission and the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases to extend the FRESH AIR programme to include new countries and new activities. This proposal was successful and in October 2015 this innovative three-year project got underway. The project builds on the approach outlined in the IPCRG education strategy and on data, knowledge and experience gained by the IPCRG from earlier FRESH AIR initiatives in low-resource settings.

The overall aim of the FRESH AIR project is to improve health outcomes for people at risk of, or suffering from, chronic respiratory diseases in low-resource settings, where the greatest burden of is experienced, by developing capacity for implementation of evidence-based interventions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in these contexts. The project consists of inter-related studies that will be carried out in four countries that are part of the IPCRG's global network: Uganda, the Kyrgyz Republic, Vietnam and Greece. Each of these is a low-resource setting with high levels of tobacco consumption and population groups exposed to household air pollution.

IPCRG is responsible for disseminating the findings from the project and maximising and spreading the impact of these. In this capacity IPCRG has launched the FRESH AIR website which is now available at This website includes a wealth of information and references on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, their risk factors and implementation challenges in low-resrouce settings. It also describes the FRESH AIR project in detail and explains how to get involved. Protocols for and findings from all FRESH AIR studies will be made available on the website over the coming months.

See a short overview on the FRESH AIR Horizon 2020 project and a FRESH AIR briefing document (click here for the references for figures used in the FRESH AIR briefing). 

Follow FRESH AIR on twitter @FRESHAIRTeam

Click here for more information about the  Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases.

Click here for more information about Horizon 2020.



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