Although spirometry is central to diagnosing and managing chronic lung diseases, access to this test is minimal in most low and middle income countries (LMICs). Lack of training for test performance and interpretation, treatment decision support, and feedback on test performance for those learning the procedure are limiting factors.

Spirometry 360 is an online training and feedback programme delivered in the US and internationally, and is being implemented in all four of the FRESH AIR countries. In early conversations with the Vietnamese team, it became apparent that Spirometry 360 fits into a larger vision for eHealth in Vietnam. However, delivering its content in English would be a barrier to the dissemination of the tool in Vietnam. Tracking of both logins and completion of trainings confirmed that English was a barrier to uptake. To tackle this, Professors An’s (Vietnam) and Stout’s (Spirometry 360, US) teams embarked upon translating the resources from English into Vietnamese, their primary language for education.

Professor An’s team created a Vietnamese translation of the slides and scripts of Spirometry 360. These materials were then back-translated into English by a Vietnamese-fluent collaborator based in Seattle. Differences were reconciled by both teams through video conferencing and email. An additional online log-in tutorial in Vietnamese was developed, and the Spirometry 360 post-course survey was also translated. 

The Vietnamese Spirometry 360 launch event was delivered in-person and remotely by Professor An and his team on December 15, 2017. Professor An’s team now monitors programme logins and completions, and administers certification.

An increase in uptake

Access to English Spirometry 360 training resources was enabled for Vietnam in July 2016. By January 2017, 20 healthcare professionals (HCPs) had logged in. By June 2017, only 5 HCPs (25%) had completed the materials. Since the December 2017 Vietnamese version release, an additional 28 HCPs have logged in, a number we anticipate to increase over the coming months. Now that remote training has begun, the feedback portion of the Spirometry 360 program will commence. Feedback results will be presented at the Porto meeting in May 2018.

May 2018