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   1.  Read the joining criteria belowThe endpoint is for you to apply as a group, to become a Member of
   IPCRG.  To accept your organisations as a Member we would you to complete the online
   form to show how your met these criteria. There is no single model for our
   national members; some are respiratory charities (eg NAC Australia); others
   are sub-groups of the national GP group (eg RespiRO, Romania); others are
   standalone primary care groups (PCRS-UK, GRAP Spain), and others are a mix of
   respiratory-interested colleagues working on the frontline, some of whom
   may hold secondary or tertiary care roles too.  Applications received  by
   mid-April  can be reviewed by our Board of Directors and then issued to the
   Members to be voted on at the AGM which normally takes place in May at our

   2. Our next world conference is Dublin 2020:  It would
   be excellent if you or colleagues would submit some abstracts to this
   meeting - and then also be available to attend the AGM.  The scope includes
   chronic and infectious respiratory diseases, tobacco dependence and
   respiratory symptoms common in primary care.

   3. For Dublin 2020, for the first time, we are calling for submissions for proposals
   for the main parallel sessions and workshops as well as research oral
   presentations and posters. Information is found on the website

   4. Currently we are running several global programmes which our Members might engage in:eg  our social

   movement Asthma Right Care.  Here is the link to some of the information

   5. We have also been running a new Teach the Teacher programme on children
   with asthma with our members in the US, Spain, Malaysia and Singapore.

   6. We aim to broaden our reach and therefore are actively seeking more
   engagement from pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists.   Here's the request.

Joining criteria for country members