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The U-BIOPRED project, an IMI project with funding from the European Union has finally come to an end, leaving a terrific legacy for the research and asthma community which is as much about the processes as the findings:

  • How to involve patients in research
  • How to recruit in primary care
  • How to work collaboratively across over 40 European institutions
  • How to collect, analyse and share "omics" data in children and adults
  • How to embed research into genetics and new generations of drugs for personalised prescribing into real life primary care teaching

Go to the U-BIOPRED website for details of publications.

The IPCRG's role has been to sit on the Ethics Board - and thanks to John Haughney for his commitment to this, and to be an active member of Work Package 9, focused on dissemination.   We will continue to monitor publications that emerge from the project, and connect with the other partners to ensure the findings that may affect primary care are introduced into teaching and learning across our member countries.

Our Teach the Teacher programme on  Difficult to Manage Asthma, funded by U-BIOPRED and supported by the Patient Input Platform and WP9 partners, introduced the programme to pairs of teachers of primary care from eight member countries, testing how to include it successfully in primary care teaching.  It incorporated the U-BIOPRED research findings into a broader programme driven by IPCRG's asthma messages and teaching including the SIMPLES structured asthma review, which had been well received at the 2013 ERS primary care session attended by over 400 people. The programme has now been rolled out to all participating countries.


See the IPCRG U-BIOPRED page for more details on the IPCRG abstracts published and in press on this programme.


Together with our UNLOCK programme, IPCRG has now gained considerable experience in collecting and using big data, and we hope that we will continue to be able to work with some of the U-BIOPRED partners to make optimal use of these data, networks, experience and thinking.



Siân Williams

Executive Officer